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The time & wages book purchased from your local newsagency have certainly faced significant challenges since the ATA commenced the Payroll Bureau service in the early 1980's. Employer obligations under the award and various acts combined with the complexities of the Tax system since that time has resulted in many businesses to rely on payroll software.

The service available to Members' is operated to save Trainers' the time consuming task of calculating wages, preparing pay-slips and recording information essential to meet their obligations as employers.

Currently the ATA utilises MYOB Software to process Trainers Payroll on our internal Bureau.  Further information about MYOB and their products & services is available from their website: Whilst the ATA utilises MYOB products & services, any reference by ATA, whether contained on this website or otherwise, should not be considered as an endorsement, invitation or recommendation on behalf of ATA.


Current Bureau Service

The following is a general description of this service available for Members.

The Trainer informs the ATA of all employee details and their hours of work which are then processed to produce reports and pay slips.

Year-end group certificates and employer reconciliation returns are also processed by the ATA.


Information to Trainer & Price List

You receive the following information:

Weekly information
> Employees pay advice slips/envelopes.
> Employees pay detail report.

Monthly information
> Employees Superannuation report
> Pay codes & PAYE total report
> Employees leave entitlements report
> Employees full detail report

Year end information
> Employees Group Certificates
> Group Employers Reconciliation Statement

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Price List


The Australian Trainers’ Trust (‘The Trust’) was launched in September 2015.