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Current Bureau Service
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The ATA has processed Owners' Accounts for many Trainers' since the early 1980's.  The costs of developing software and purchase of hardware in those days resulted in a substantial investment at the time for Trainers'.  The ATA was a pioneer in the industry to overcome that concern by developing Owners' Accounts Software that was hosted on our internal systems for operation with many Trainers' on the Bureau.

These days on the market there are a number of software packages available with various modules including payroll.  However, the unique nature of the industry requires Debtor management (Owners Accounts) to process and divide horse charges in accordance with Ownership Shares.  There are many other features of Owners Accounts Software that also caters for the industry.

With the ever changing landscape of software and operating systems it was clear that a specialist business was required that was committed to the ongoing development of our internal bureau software.  The ATA engaged the services of Wilmat Application Software (WAS) to redevelop our initial systems.  WAS has developed and maintained some of the software systems used by the ATA for over 10 years.

The ATA considered that knowledge shared through the development process mentioned above would greatly assist WAS to ultimately provide Trainers' an option for their own software solution.  This in turn would allow Trainers' to control the processing of their Owners Accounts at their convenience.

The ATA continues to use Owners Accounts Software developed by WAS for Bureau processing.  Whilst the ATA utilises the services & software of WAS, any reference by ATA, whether contained on this website or otherwise, should not be considered as an endorsement, invitation or recommendation on behalf of ATA.  The ATA is not party to neither a beneficiary of any service or software related sales by WAS.


Current Bureau Service

The following is a general description of this service available for Members.

The Trainer provides the ATA with all information required for processing.

Amendments, Horse & Owner transactions are processed on a monthly basis to produce professionally printed invoices and statements, ready for mail.

The Owners invoice/statement includes a tear-off payment remittance slip and ATA Terms and Conditions of Training printed overleaf.  Your owners will be presented with an easy to follow format for Invoices & Statements, and the ATA is also able to print itemised invoices and payment options as required.

The ATA may either; mail accounts direct to your owners or return them to you that provides you the option of including a return envelope for payment and/or enclose other relevant information for your owners.

If required the ATA may also record and deposit payments received from your owners and provide you with updates accordingly.


Information to Trainer & Price List

The following information is provided on a monthly basis: 

> Owner Trial Balance listing Current, 30 day, 60 day and 90 days and over. (Total outstanding per owner with a further breakdown of balances per horse)
> Owners itemised Invoices and Statements Copy of
> Owners itemised Invoices and Statements Owner and Horse Ownership Reports.
> Income and Expense Report.

Price List




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