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Public Holidays under the Horse and Greyhound Training Award 2010 (HGTA) is provided for under the following:

Click here for Part 6 Clause 26: Public Holidays

Click here for Part 3 Clause 10.4 (c): Casual Employment

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Generally, the following conditions apply to Public Holidays:

Full-time & Part Time employees:

> Granted Public Holiday off without deduction of pay.


> Substitute another day off in lieu as agreed between the Employer & Employee if substituted beforehand. If unable to mutually agree then such other day the Employer substitutes but not so as to give an employee less time off work than the employee would have had if the employee had received the said holiday.


> Entitled to single time in addition to ordinary rate of pay.

Casual Employees:

A casual employee is not entitled to the benefits of Part 6 Clause 26  Public Holidays in accordance with Part 3 Clause 10.4 (c): Casual Employment of the HGTA.

Therefore, work performed by a casual employee on a Public Holiday is based on the casual rate prescribed under the effective Wage Rates for the HGTA.






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